Walnut Road House


This post-war Cape style house was feeling cramped, the kitchen a half-century past its prime. Adding space in three directions brought space and light and modern amenities to this small house, while keeping and even enhancing its charm

Newmarch House


The family who bought this post-war Cape style house by the salt marsh needed a second floor for more bedrooms, a more open floor plan, and a bigger, brighter kitchen. A new orientation faces the river and beach, with an enveloping, asymmetrical roofline found in local colonial houses and later Shingle style.



Studio Barn Addition


We added a small residence to an earlier project (see Studio Barn). We’d already established the vocabulary of the building. The new challenge was to make a complementary connection which kept the dominance and integrity of the barn and related well to the hilltop landscape. Big stone walls anchor the building to the slope, and hold a terrace.




Marsh House


This Shingle style gambrel emerged from what was built as a garrison style house of the 1970's. It sits on the edge of a saltmarsh and tidal estuary. This setting inspired the owners to rebuild in a way that echoes the seaside cottages of the late 19th century.


Builder: Covenant Construction

Foster Grant House


Generations ago, this 18th century house evolved to contain as many as four apartments. The owners prior to our client had restored it for just their famiy, but the rooms still felt diconnected. For new owners, we designed an addition to the back to include a new kitchen and sitting area which kept, and opened up, the elements of the older additions. Now the spaces link, but one can see and feel the rooms of families from long ago. A new mudroom entry, and all the finishes, also were made to respect the spirit of the old house and its setting.

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