Design New England cover ,“Heritage Restored; A Deft Renovation of a 1670 House Highlights its History and Extends its Legacy as a Gathering Place for Generations”, September/October 2013

North Shore Life, “Embracing a Japanese Style”, Summer 2011

Fine Homebuilding, “Old Barn inspires New House”, July 2006

Fine Homebuilding covers, “Running Exterior Trim”, Sept 2000 and “Sheathing a Roof” Nov 1998




•“It has been a real treat to work with you.  Your innumerable, and pivotal contributions were a major cornerstone of our ultimate success.  It’s a wonderful house...As my appraiser said last week, “This is one of the coolest houses I’ve seen, at any level.”   

•“A+  Outstanding work!  Our many, many thanks to you!!!”

•“Your barn is a thing of beauty -- Among many projects I should add.  Thank you.”

•“The house is gorgeous!!” 

•“(We) wanted to write and thank you again for all of your efforts.  We are so delighted to this house.  It is "home", and wonderful in every way!

•"It really is a treat to see how your skills, and our collective creativity, drive and vision, brought these buildings together, on the run, under the gun, and still so seamlessly and gracefully. It was without doubt, worth all the time and effort."

•"From helping with the placement, to being the master of design, and #1 consultant, your efforts and success were stellar, and always greatly appreciated. It's a masterpiece, and one that we enjoy continually, and deeply.”

•“Comforting to be working with you Bob -- Thanks!”

•“Thanks for the great design -- Look forward to sitting in it with you guys...”

•“Just our annual thank you for all your great work in designing out house and barn.  It's been two years today, and we are more in love with being here then ever. We feel so happy to be (here), and to have the opportunity to enjoy this extraordinary house and property. Excellent design!”


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